Thursday, December 6, 2007

Mikaela 365: Day 16

Mikaela 365: Day 16, originally uploaded by jaclynbailey.

I remember reading somewhere that if you chill spoons in the fridge that they offer relief to babies who are teething.... so I tried it.... and what do you know! It works! Mikaela loves the feel of "chewing" on the spoons! This is the happiest she has been in a couple of days!

Aeddon 365: Day 16

Aeddon 365: Day 16, originally uploaded by jaclynbailey.

Aeddon doesnt read. He is not even two yet...... (Actually day 16 is exactly one month until his 2nd birthday!) But boy o boy does he love books. They don't even have to be picture books! I have caught him flipping through Peirs Anthony novels..... He loves to stare at the written word! I think I am gonna spend a fortune in Barnes and Noble with this kid!

Alexander 365: Day 16

Alexander 365: Day 16, originally uploaded by jaclynbailey.

One of these days Alexander will quit sucking his thumb. Whenever he is bored or tired or sad he sticks his thumb in his mouth. I wish he had gotten hooked on a pacifier! At least then if all else failed I could have taken them away! But I cant take away his thumb! What am I gonna do! He is gonna ruin his teeth like that and I really dont want him to need braces when he is older!

Mikaela 365: Day 15

Mikaela 365: Day 15, originally uploaded by jaclynbailey.

Day 15.... Mikaela's turn to be sick. She spent all day crying... She threw up about 6 or 7 times. Of course to make matters worse she is teething... My poor baby.... Teething is bad enough.... but she is doing it with no meds cause every time I give her anything she throws up! She isnt even keeping down teething tablets! Poor baby!

Aeddon 365: Day 15

Aeddon 365: Day 15, originally uploaded by jaclynbailey.

Aeddon loves his rocketship. It is his favorite non-monkey toy. He takes it with him everywhere! He dropped it at the commisarry once and a worker came up to us as we were about to leave and told us that he had just found it in the cat food isle and recognized it and remembered that it belonged to Aeddon and had hurried to catch us before we left. That means either that man has a photographic memory for other peoples things..... or Aeddon is inseperable from his rocket!