Wednesday, June 29, 2011

In which I explain myself...

So you may have noticed that I have not posted anything since April. That is because I had something crazy going on in the RL world and I was actually afraid that posting on here would put my family in danger. Enough time has passed now that I am relatively certain the crazy has been handled and I can safely come back to the blog I love so much and have missed so very much!

You ready to do a very VERY fast catch up?

The week after my last post I turned 29. We also got our own house on post.
Then it was Easter, Which this year fell on Mikaela's birthday! We worked very hard to separate the two activities and make it fun for her.


She turned 4.
The next weekend we celebrated Liam's 2nd birthday.


Then it was May.

In May Alexanders class did a special mothers day tea and poetry reading. The kids wrote the poetry! They also made us moms these cute little magnetic flowers!


Have I mentioned that Alexander has entered the "I dont like to have my picture taken and if you are going to insist on pointing that thing at me I am going to make a yucky face" stage of his life. Please dear God let him outgrow this phase quickly! I love taking his picture!

On the 10th Alexander went on his first real school field trip. He begged me to go... so I did. The downside was that it was at a nature center and most of the trip was a hike around looking at different environments and it rained/hailed the whole time. Thank goodness for warm handknits. I was the only adult that wasnt cold!


That is not his whole class. This is just the small group we hiked around with!

School got out for the summer on May 23rd. My sister also turned 17 that day.... but I digress. His teacher hosted a breakfast for the whole class and their families. Owen's chain of command actually let him have the morning to come too!

On the 28th I got to go to Denver and meet some of the locals from the HPKCHC. This was my second house cup meet up and it was fun! It was just the 4 of us and I really feel like we all got to know each other!


Next thing we knew it was June.

On the 4th we went to a birthday party up in Denver. I met Ila and her family in El Paso and now they live here too! So she invited us to her son's party and we went! I ended up as the unofficial photographer of the event (I offered.) and took a ton of pictures.


It has finally warmed up here and my body is not tolerating the heat in the thinner air. This means that we have spent a lot of time indoors this summer... which is the total opposite of what I wanted... but it is what it is.

The good thing about lots of time inside is moments like this:


On the 11th I got to go to the Estes Park Wool Market. It was amazing. I wish I had had some money to spend... Maybe next year!


For the record I look like crap in that picture! I think I had the worst posture in that picture ever!

Owen decided he wanted to go to the zoo this year for his fathers day activity. We have a zoo membership so it was free...


All of these pictures were taken on a tree at the zoo.




I had the shakes bad that day so none of those is perfectly in focus... but I have a feeling that when I get to California my MIL will still want to copy and frame those for her house!

And that is pretty much it! I have also been crafting a lot lately and will post a big update of that soon!