Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A day at the Seattle Aquarium

So we are moving. We have known for a while now that we were probably getting moved... but it wasn't really FINAL until about two weeks ago.

Of course shortly before we found out we were probably moving we bought a year pass to the Seattle Aquarium. We figured that in three trips it would completely pay for itself. What we do is this:

1. Drive to Bus Depot. Leave van in parking structure.
2. Put 4 kids on back of bus. Sit in the row in front of them to give them room to be kids without pissing off other passengers.
3. Get off bus with sanity barely intact.
4. Cut through Pikes Market to get to Aquarium, which is located on a pier.
5. Enjoy day at Aquarium. Loose at least one kid for at least 2 minutes at least twice.
6. Drag (sometimes literally) 4 exhausted children back to bus stop. Listen to them whine about having to take the much-less-expensive-than-driving-and-having-to-pay-to-park-the-van bus.
7. Count to 100. By then at least 2 if not more of kids (and possibly husband) will be asleep on bus. Read fairytale to whoever is still awake, including other bus passengers who will pretend they are not listening.
8. Wake up kids at bus station
9. Drag (sometimes literally) 4 tired kids to van as they complain about the bus not just taking them all the way home like Aeddon's school bus.
10. Go home and go about evening like we weren't just out all darned day.

So that is an Aquarium trip for us. Now for the pictures (which are all from my cell phone since Liam pulled my camera off my desk and broke it again and I dont have time to get it fixed again before we move....)

I am gonna miss the Aquarium when we move...

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolutions, Part One.

This time of year most people make resolutions. I am very rarely most people.... but this year I felt compelled to make several resolutions of my own.

My first resolution this year is that I plan to read one classic literature novel (that I have not read before) a month.

For my first book I have chosen Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I don't know why I have never read this book before... but there you go! I started the book last night and I am already on chapter 15!

I do not know what next months classic novel will be yet. Please share your suggestions!