Thursday, March 25, 2010

I never thought I would

I never though I would spend so much on diapers... but I did anyways. I just dropped exactly $199.00 on "old style" Kissaluvs size 2 diapers for Liam.


See the problem was that we were having nothing but issues with Liam and prefolds with Snappis. If I didn't stretch the Snappi as hard as I could he would leak poop all over his longies. If I did stretch it as far as I could he would "stick" to the fabric of the prefold and when I would remove his diaper I would also take enough skin to cause him to bleed.

It was almost enough for us to give up... if it wasn't for the fact that he cant wear disposables cause of skin sensitivity.

So since they were on sale cause they are being discontinued in this style (nothing wrong with them, they just redid them a little) I got them for a lot less money. This size fits from a 20lbs child to a 40lbs child... so we should be good now.

I bought 20.


Owen liked them. He was the most excited I have ever seen him about diapers... which is to say that he asked if I was happy and I said I was so he said he like them.


Liam liked them too.....

And then it happened...


First I hugged them.


Then I threw them.


Then we had a diaper fight with them.


Even Liam tried to throw one!


And that was that. A few minutes later we lost the light so we scooped up the new diapers and I washed them. We have been using them since last night and I have already noticed the difference. They are far more absorbent and not once has my little Liam bled.

Money well spent.