Saturday, March 29, 2008

Conversations with a 4 year old...

Conversation One:

Alexander: Mom.... where are your ear jewels?
Me: You mean the earrings you and daddy bought me?
Alexander: Yes
Me: I took them off cause my ears were itchy.
Alexander: Did you throw them in the trash?
Me: No. They are in my jewelry box.
Alexander: The one that is up high in your room?
Me: Yes Alexander
Alexander: That is a smart idea Mommy! Cause little boys break shiny things. That is why I am not a little boy anymore.... cause I know that if I break your shiny things that you cry and then I have to die.
Me: Alexander you are very silly.
Alexander: That is cause you are my Mommy!

Conversation 2:

Alexander: Mommy I promise that I am going to live with you for forever!
Me: That is not true. Some day you will grow up and find a girl to love and marry and then you will move out and you will be a Daddy! But you know what?
Alexander: What Mommy?
Me: I will always be your Mommy. Even if you move to the moon when you grow up!
Alexander: Mommy.... since I am going to live on the moon...... (really long pause)
Me: Yes Alexander?
Alexander: (very softly) Do you think you could move to the moon with me so that we can still cuddle and you can cuddle my babies?
Me: Yes baby. I will move to the moon with you.
Alexander: You are the best Mommy I ever had!
Me: I am the only Mommy you have ever had!
Alexander: That is cause you are the best.
Me: I love you.
Alexander: I love you too..... forever.

Conversation 3:

Alexander: Mommy if I am going to be a Daddy some day does that mean I have to get married?
Me: Well, Sort of. It is best to be married to someone you want to spend forever with before you become a Daddy.... But it is not the only way to be a Daddy.
Alexander: If I ask you how I can be a Daddy by myself, will you tell me?
Me: No. You are to young to understand right now.
Alexander: Ok. I dont think I am ready to get a job yet anyways.

Conversation 4:

Alexander: Mommy, when I grow up can I be the Daddy with you?
Me: No. You are my boy. That would be silly for us to get married.
Alexander: Do I have to marry someone else?
Me: Yes. Someday.
Alexander: Can I marry Alex?
2151921347_d1246a04c0_o copy
(Alex as in my friend Stephanie's daughter Alex... who is about to turn 16...)
Me: Sure honey.
Alexander: Can I marry Liz if she promises not to have a fit?
(Liz as in Heidi's 9-ish year old daughter....)
Me: Sure honey.... but you cant marry both of them.
Alexander: Why not?
Me: Cause that is called Poligamy and is illegal.
Alexander: So I would go to jail.
Me: Yes Alexander. If you got caught.
Alexander: Ok I will just marry you then.
Me: Alexander you can't marry me! I am your mom. That is illegal too!
Alexander: Why is fun stuff illegal?
Me: Cause that is the way the world works. If it is to much fun it must be wrong!
Alexander: Fine I will just marry Liz then. It wont be any fun... so it wont be illegal!

Conversation 5:

(Happened just now while I was typing the first 4 conversations!)

Alexander: Mommy what are you doing?
Me: Writing in my blog.
Alexander: What is a blog?
Me: It is like a journal online that I let my friends online read.
Alexander: What are you writing about?
Me: You.
Alexander: What are you writing about me?
Me: I am telling them about the stuff we talked about this morning.
Alexander: Are you making fun of me?
Me: No. But they will think it is funny.
Alexander: So your friends are going to laugh at me?
Me: Maybe a little. You are funny.
Alexander: Your friends are kind of bitchy.
Me: Where did you learn that word?
Alexander: God told it to me just now.
Me: Dont say that word anymore. It isnt nice.
Alexander: But it is true. So if I dont say it then I am lying. Which is wrong. So if I can't say bitchy and I cant lie.... what am I supposed to say?
Me: If you cant say something nice.... dont say anything at all.
Alexander: I am gonna go to my room and play with my mouth closed.
Me: Ok. You go do that.
Alexander: Are you gonna tell your friends I said bitchy?
Me: Yep.
Alexander: (deep Sigh)
Me: What Alexander?
Alexander: I cant say anything.
Me: Why?
Alexander: Cause it isnt nice. Goodbye Mommy.
Me: Goodbye baby.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


So I bet that you have always wondered what I do at 1am when I cant sleep and I am completely caught up on all my boards and groups..... well here I am in all my 1am glory!
That is right! I sit in bed and knit and drink either hot cocoa or tea out of a penguin head shaped mug.... right now I am knitting a Between Seasons Cap.... I have been working on it for what seems like forever! The cables were a pain in the butt.... and now the kids won't let me finish knitting the darned thing! I only have 5 more rows before I start decreasing for the crown though! Yay! The end is in sight! In other crafting news... I bought some of the most delicious yarn ever from Yarn Lust.... I love it! I also bought stitch markers.... but I can't show one of the sets since it is for a swap partner......

In Other news..... Mikaela has learned a new trick!
Mikaela can walk!!!!!
That is right! My Baby Girl Is Walking!!!!!! Not alot yet.... just a few steps here and a few steps there... but she can do it! I am so proud.... It is like my friend Steph said though..... It is a bittersweet moment! I am so proud and excited for her... but it means that my baby is almost not a baby, but instead a toddler! that is a hard thing to have to face!!!!!!

One month of Owen being gone is almost over! One down... 3.5-ish more to go! It could be worse! At least we get to do this a couple of times a week:
Hooray for the modern technological advancement we call the "webcam"!

Well that is all I have got for now.... more later I am sure!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Big Hearted Johns

Big Hearted Johns, originally uploaded by scottnj61.

OK.... this is not my picture. It belongs to one of my Flickr friends.... His Flickr id is scottnj61.... I love his sense of humor. It says "Big Hearted Johns If you had a store... He would buy something from you!" I am taking this as a sign (bad pun!) that God does not want me to be sad and mopey that Owen is away. It is the second day in a row that I have found something that put a smile on my face for the whole day....

You should follow the link to Scotts name and look at some of his other pictures. If you can leave him a message and let him know that I told you about his pictures! Let him know if you liked them! It might put a smile on his face!

I took a book quiz that I found on a friend from Ravelry's blog.... here is the result....

You're The Grapes of Wrath!

by John Steinbeck

You're mired in a deep depression that encompasses you and everyone
you know. You're trying to get out of the depression, but your idea of help is, in
itself, pretty sad. While some are convinced that this all has a deeper meaning, you're
really just dull and tedious. And utterly obsessed with dust. You really need to focus
on something other than dust. Your best moments center around turtles.

Take the Book Quiz
at the Blue Pyramid.

So Sad but true! I am obsessed with dust! It covers everything in my house! Stupid desert. Stupid wind! I hate El Paso!
I would love to know what you got on this quiz! Leave me a comment and let me know!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just cause it is funny!

I know that technically this is an old video.... but I just saw it for the first time today.... and it is hysterical! Seriously! I thought I was gonna die laughing!!!!!

It is the Peanuts gang dancing to Outkast's "Hey-ya!" I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Since He's been gone....

So Owen is officially gone. He left on thursday... the 6th.... anyways. We took him to the airport.... Alexander helped him with his bags...
Then we said our goodbyes... and he kissed everyone goodbye...
(Alexander took that picture!)
Alexander 365: Day 127
Hugging Alexander
Aeddon 365: Day 127
Hugging Aeddon
Mikaela 365: Day 127
Giving Mikaela some love

Then he was gone!

So we went to Heidi's house to hang out! Cause we really didnt want to be home and dwell on the fact that he was gone and was not coming home till some time in July.

In the time that he has been gone I have done everything possibe to keep us not at home... Although on Sunday we did stay home and relax.

Oh! On a personal acheivement note.... They asked to use my picture of my sisters Square Hole Wristlets For the pattern page on Ravelry!

I know that it is not a huge deal.... not like I am getting published in the National Geographic! I am just excited that they liked my version enough to use it! It is supposed to be made with Noro Kureyon but that is expensive stuff to be making something for a 13 almost 14 year old! I will see how she treats this before I use anything that cost anything over a couple of bucks a skein!

Well that is all I have for now.... except for three more really cute pictures that I wanted to share!

Alexander the Jedi is in touch with his feminine side

Monkeys in a row.

And last but not least a little bit of love!