Thursday, March 27, 2008


So I bet that you have always wondered what I do at 1am when I cant sleep and I am completely caught up on all my boards and groups..... well here I am in all my 1am glory!
That is right! I sit in bed and knit and drink either hot cocoa or tea out of a penguin head shaped mug.... right now I am knitting a Between Seasons Cap.... I have been working on it for what seems like forever! The cables were a pain in the butt.... and now the kids won't let me finish knitting the darned thing! I only have 5 more rows before I start decreasing for the crown though! Yay! The end is in sight! In other crafting news... I bought some of the most delicious yarn ever from Yarn Lust.... I love it! I also bought stitch markers.... but I can't show one of the sets since it is for a swap partner......

In Other news..... Mikaela has learned a new trick!
Mikaela can walk!!!!!
That is right! My Baby Girl Is Walking!!!!!! Not alot yet.... just a few steps here and a few steps there... but she can do it! I am so proud.... It is like my friend Steph said though..... It is a bittersweet moment! I am so proud and excited for her... but it means that my baby is almost not a baby, but instead a toddler! that is a hard thing to have to face!!!!!!

One month of Owen being gone is almost over! One down... 3.5-ish more to go! It could be worse! At least we get to do this a couple of times a week:
Hooray for the modern technological advancement we call the "webcam"!

Well that is all I have got for now.... more later I am sure!
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