Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Then there was a Saturday...

Saturday ended up as a day of rest... sort of. We sat around most of the day and then Poppa decided to take me out to see Tuacahn.... Which is a theater that shows everything from small productions to traveling Broadway plays. It is an outdoor venue, which I suppose could cause some issues... but I thought it was really awesome.

This is the view from the back of the theater.


This is the view of the whole theater.


While we were walking around we found two of those boards that have the holes cut out for you to put your head through.



If you are thinking that I look a bit strained in the second picture... that is because I am holding Liam down at the bottom and trying to keep my head in the hole!

As we were leaving we noticed some people struggling with a table. Poppa offered to help and then when he was done a lady asked him if we would like to go to the nights show of the BYU International Dance group and Band thingy... We took the tickets to be nice. Then we went and checked and realized that the seats were actually in a really awesome place. SO we headed out to head home and get ready to go back out there that evening.


If you know me at all you know how much this picture of Devon reminds me of me. It is awesome to know that even though we just met and have spent our whole lives apart Devon and I share a lot of traits. Like the need to walk on the edges of water fountains...

The view as you are driving away from the theater is really amazing too.


We raced back home and had a light snack. We got dressed a little nicer and somehow managed to convince Chase to come along.

I would love to show you pictures of the dancing itself.... but I wasn't allowed to use my camera at all once I walked into the theater. Not even to take a picture of us all before the show!

At intermission we realized that the rest of the show was pretty much going to be the story of Mormonism in dance and some folk dancing from countries that I had no real knowledge of other than to know that they exist. We decided to leave at that point since it looked like Liam might be getting a little sleepy. Of course we couldn't help but take one more picture of the three siblings (maybe one day I will figure out how to get one of all four of us!)


We ended our night by going and having a burger at this place that was really good... but just not the same as In 'n Out.... I am not complaining... Just pointing it out...

Then it was off to the house and sleep.