Thursday, July 31, 2008

STUPID ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


A year ago Owen went in and talked to his retention NCO. They made a plan and an agreement that Owen would extend his contract and attend 68W school. At the end of school we were going to be relocated to Ft. Lewis and he was going to re-enlist as a Medic instead of a 14J. His enlistment bonus was supposed to be at least $18,000.

Notice I said was?

Yeah. The army is trying to screw us. Owen went in to re-enlist and the retention NCO here told him that he could only get him $9700! WTF!!!!! After taxes (which they take automatically weither you have to pay taxes based on income or not...) we would get around $6700! Yeah that is not going to work! We owe out more money than that!

See here is my problem..... Yes I am aware that most jobs do not offer large bonuses to entice people to continue working for them.... but most jobs dont send their workers to places where people get blown up every day. So I really do think that the soldiers deserve their enlistment bonuses. Are they really trying to tell me that as a field medic my husband is only worth $9700? When you pair that up with his pay (including his housing allowance) that puts him well below what he could make as an LVN in the civilian world! The whole point of re-enlistment bonuses is to encourage soldiers to not go civilian! Where is the rest of his money?

We were promised that money and now they are telling us that it is not there? That we can wait for the start of the new fiscal year for the military (October 1st.) but that they still cant promise us more money? THAT IS BULLSHIT!

Excuse me for my anger but this is my problem. The army makes you a promise. Then because some asshole NCO doesnt do his paperwork right they look you in the eyes and say "sorry we know that you were counting on that money, but we arent going to give it to you. OOps. Our bad. Oh, BTW we are not going to do anything to fix the situation better! No we won't pay your parents the money that you owe them that you arent sure you are going to have anymore. No we arent going to pay the deposit on the house you are all set to rent so that you have a place to live. No we arent going to provide your husband with transportation to work every morning since he will no longer have the money he needs to buy a scooter so that he can get to work without leaving you stranded in the house you can no longer pay the deposit for so he can take the only vehicle you own to work...... Oh yeah... and no we wont pay for the diapers you are going to have to buy to put your kids in daycare so you can get a job to pay for all the things you needed that money for. We know that you cloth diaper and cant afford the extra $50 a month per kid, plus the actually cost of day care.... we just dont care. We are the US Army and we like to bend families over and tell them to take it and like it so that they will never be able to financially afford to get the hell out of the army and they will just stay our automatronic meat puppets till the day they die! SCREW YOU LOWER ENLISTED RANK SOLDIER WITH A FAMILY! THE ARMY LIKES TO WATCH YOU SUFFER CAUSE WE ARE A BUNCH OF SADISTIC FUCKS!"

Hmm. I feel much better now. Thank you for listening to my ranting anger. I now return you to your regularly scheduled significantly less pissed off blog posts!
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