Sunday, October 25, 2009

While we are experiencing technical difficulties.....


Please enjoy this picture of the Seattle Space Needle that either my mother or I took. I don't know for sure which one of us took it. We kept passing my camera back and forth that day as we passed the Liam Moose back and forth!

In case you are wondering what the technical difficulties are: I finally got my computer fixed. For those of you who are tech savvy, It blew a video card. Once that was replaced it was up and running. All the memory was able to be saved. All is well in computer land.... except that I no longer have the Internet at my house. As with many homes across the nation, we are experiencing financial difficulties and we decided that food was more important that the Internet or our cell phones. We are hoping to be fully up and running by the end of November. I have missed you all dearly and thank you all for sticking by me in this barren wasteland that this blog has been lately. I promise awesomeness once we are back! Oh the cuteness that has been happening at the Bailey Household since my departure!

More as soon as I can!
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