Thursday, December 17, 2009

Aeddon turned 4.

Yesterday Aeddon turned 4. In typical Aeddon fashion he spent most of the day oscillating between not wanting his birthday due to panic and being super excited. We forgot to tell Alexander that he couldn't remind Aeddon of his birthday until right before we busted out the cake. It makes me a little sad to have to do that just so he doesn't panic.... but then I see this:


This year his cake and the happy birthday song actually made him happy!

His dad is a butthead though and bought the kid who has panic attacks "magic" candles. You know the ones that keep relighting by "magic" until you douse them in water? Yeah. Jerk.


See that look on his face? That look told me that he was done and we were about to have a cake related birthday disaster that would probably involve the cake hitting me or the ground. So Owen took the candles and threw them in a cup of water....

Aeddon wanted the piece of cake that had his name on it. So I cut him that piece.


We all ate cake.


Then we came to the most important part. THE PRESENTS:


First the super cool Rocket toy that Owens parents bought him. They looked everywhere for it and finally ended up buying it off of It came gift wrapped in very classy mickey paper with a personalized gift tag. Way to go Don and Carole!


Then April's present, a Buzz Lightyear toy with karate chop action. He likes it!


Then our presents. The first one was a Little Einsteins Pyramid play set to go with his new Rocket.


Then two "gravity bots" Transformers toys. One is Optimus Prime, the other is Bumblebee. They are easy to convert, which is good cause Aeddon gets frustrated and then has a tendency to break whatever it is that is ticking him off. You stand them on there "feet and the automatically transform to robots put them down on their wheels and they automatically convert to car form. He loves them and I am pretty sure that he slept with them in his bed last night.....

Want to see what my parents got him??? Nothing. Not even a gift card. In their defense, Mom normally does the gift shopping and she has been busting her butt to finish her last semester of college! So she gets a free pass since Aeddon didn't seem to notice that their gift was missing.....

And that was Aeddon's birthday celebration.
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