Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A quick hello

Not much going on around here. Our van is out of commission. A piece fell off! A piece of the brakes... which I have been told is super important and therefore makes the van unsafe to be driven.

Also my Camera is in the shop. Again. See the last time I had it fixed I told them that I thought the focus ring crack was a problem and that I was pretty darned sure it was sticking a bit when I tried to zoom in on stuff. The guy basically told me I was being dumb and that of course it was sticking a bit... they had just worked on it!

Thanks idiot. You were wrong! Hours after getting my camera home a bracket inside the lens came loose! It moved around in there and I tried to pretend it didn't happen... but it became impossible to take a decent picture... so back to the shop it goes!

In all the time I am spending not going anywhere or taking pictures of stuff I have been knitting... and playing WoW a little. This is a shawl that will be a Christmas present, but I am not telling who it is for. I know she probably wont see it, but still.


Pretty right? The shawl is the Traveling Woman shawl and I love the pattern! I will probably knit more of these at some point! Maybe even one more will find its way into my Christmas knitting pile.

That is all I have for now... Oh yeah! I started a Twitter account today. Look me up. JaclynBailey13.
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