Monday, February 14, 2011

We Moved.

The Army decided it was time for us to live in a new place.

So we packed up our stuff and loaded it all into a uhaul truck and drove from Washington to Colorado. We went the long way since the long way is safer and is less likely to have pass closures.

As we left the Pacific Northwest the sky itself seemed to bid us a farewell.


Along the road there where many beautiful things to see.

In California I was reminded of why California is so beautiful year round:


As we left California I was smitten with the colors of the sunset. I had to pull over and take a picture. (with my phones camera no less!)


We passed through Nevada in the northern part of the state. We spent the night in Reno and drove through the state on I80. I was amazed to see the sky so blue. I had only ever really been in Vegas and there is smog there so.... yeah.


We drove through the state until night fell. As we came to the end of our travels for the day I was excited to see the colors of sunset through a winter storm forming over the mountains.


Our "hotel" stay in West Wendover (just inside the Nevada border)was horrific to say the least. In the morning when I was checking under things to be sure nothing was lost I found a used condom under the bed. EWWWWWWWW.

When we left Nevada the following morning it was snowing and overcast. Even before the sign I knew when we had passed into Utah. Look at the sky! So beautiful!


When we drove through Utah we swung by to see the LDS Temple in Salt Lake. I had heard that it was a beautiful structure and I am a sucker for beautiful architecture. It was an interesting building but I was unable to snap any pictures of it as it was rush hour traffic in downtown Salt Lake by the time we found it. We continued on through Utah and found a scenic viewpoint pull off right as the sun finally dropped below the mountains. I snapped a few pictures with my phone because the saturated purples of nightfall in the mountains is just so beautiful!




Shortly after passing out of Utah into Wyoming we stopped at a Mc Donalds with a playplace. It was the first time in days the kids had gotten a chance to really run around and play. When we stopped it was only 1 degree outside so we left the van running and locked so our pets didn't freeze to death. It worked pretty well actually!

After dinner we continued on to Rawlings. It was super icy there. In the morning we continued on. We were going to make it to Colorado Springs if it killed us!

It was so cold in Wyoming that we felt like it almost did kill us.




I was very glad to be a knitter as I had very warm accessories.


Owen seemed unphazed. Crazy person.


As we drove into Colorado we saw Bison! (sorry for the picture quality. I was doing 60mph and didnt wanna focus on the picture!


Just as we were running out of steam a small miracle occurred.


Oh Hi Denver! We knew we were close and managed to press on to Colorado Springs. As soon as we got here we were warmly greeted and fed tasty food. I am very glad we already knew people in Colorado Springs! We have been staying in their house while we try (pretty much entirely in vain) to find a house or apartment that is big enough for us but can be entirely paid for with BAH.

I have to admit being able to stay with them has been super fun and a serious blessing. As I type this Owen and Jessie are moving our "nonessentials" into a storage unit.

That is all I have for now! More later on our adventures in our new home!
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