Monday, August 29, 2011

So that happened...

So we went to California for three weeks in July and August. We had a ton of fun and the kids took swim lessons. I took tons of pictures... but my laptop is having issues so I am not able to post the pictures yet.

My phone disappeared while we were in California so I have been waiting to have the money to replace it and get our phones turned back on.

The boys are in school.

Alexander is a second grader and is doing amazingly. He is taking third grade math cause he was to smart for second grade math. He got a 116% on his first spelling test.

Aeddon is officially a kindergartener. He is in afternoon kindergarten and he loves it, but is unsure about his teacher. She is a bit overwhelmed cause she has 26 kids and so she never says please or thank you and that really upsets him. I like her. I think she will be a great teacher for him.

Alexander has started cub scouts. He is in Wolf Den 12 Pack 264. Owen and I are his den leaders. It is a fun adventure! Saturday we did a "spike it" even where we all earned the Volleyball belt loop.

My "seventh year" in the Harry Potter Knit Crochet House cup is about to start on September first. I am crazy excited. I plan to make as many projects as humanly possible this term. I really want to make gifts for all those closest to me. I also want to make Cindy's commissioned peices she paid me to make her a year ago now! Her stuff will actually be my first priority come September!

Ok so now that we are all caught up to the present I wanted to share something with you all. This post, the one you are reading right now is my 250th blog post. To celebrate this milestone I am going to have a contest. Post 251 will be the contest post with all the details.
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