Monday, July 22, 2013

Manicure Monday: 7-22-13

Today was a crazy busy day, so I didn't get to paint my nails till evening. I spent most of the day I was at the "celebration of life" for Maggie Morton. The Morton's are a very special family to me. When they found out I needed somewhere to live until a group home opened up when I was 17, they took me in and made me feel like I was really part if their family. I honestly think they would have kept me till I finished high school, but they had a family emergency and weren't able to meet the states requirements any more. Because of them I didn't have to miss the first several months of my senior year. 

Anyways. After Maggie's funeral I had a massive migraine so Owen took the kids to VBS and I stayed home and bonded with Carole. We worked together to get Oliver to sleep (that boy LOVES his Gran SO MUCH! Then we watched a movie called On, Voyager. It stars Betty Davis. While we watched the movie we both painted our nails! She wouldn't let me take a picture of hers, but here are mine.

I painted my toes with the same color and have since gotten the extra polish off my skin. 

This is a mini polish and came in a big minis set my parents gave me for Christmas last year. This is the red from the set. It has a shimmer to it and honestly kinda reminds me of Christmas. It doesn't have a color name. I have to admit that I originally thought the polishes from this set were a bit cheap, but (other than the light green color) I have been pleasantly surprised by how long they last without chipping!
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