Thursday, November 29, 2007

Alexander 365: Day 14

Alexander 365: Day 14, originally uploaded by jaclynbailey.

Alexander had already gone to bed for the night. Right before he went to bed he had thrown up all over the living room twice and once in his toilet.... Then about half and hour after he went to bed I had a strange feeling that he needed me.... so I went running into his room. He was lying in his bed wearing only his underwear. His jammies were behind him in a puddle of sick..... He was whispering "Mommy I need you" so softly that I barely even heard him when I was in the room with him. Thank God for mothers intuition!

So of course we got him up and took him in to take a bath. Alexander loves baths when his stomach is sick! He will sit there in the warm water with his hand under the running water for hours if I let him! Before he got over his cold he threw up 4 more times.... each of those times he managed to throw up in the toilet. I dont remember teaching him to do that.... he must have learned it watching me be sick while I was pregnant with Mikaela.....

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