Wednesday, June 10, 2009

But he's just a baby!!!!!!!!

I know Alexander is not, in fact, a baby.

That doesn't mean I was ready for him to start loosing his baby teeth!

Just about two weeks ago Alexander complained that his front teeth hurt. I looked in his mouth to see if he had a sore on his gums. He didn't. He had a permanent tooth coming in. On the down side, his baby tooth was still occupying the place the big tooth needed. So I helped him learn to wiggle the tooth. It still wasn't coming loose though. I was beginning to worry that he was gonna have to have the baby tooth pulled.

Then he and Aeddon were rough housing three days ago. Aeddon accidentally elbowed Alexander right in the mouth. His barely loose tooth became VERY LOOSE.

Yesterday on the way home from school Alexander made a funny noise. I looked back and saw that his tooth was barely hanging on by a thread. So Owen and I told him he should grab it with his fingers and just give it a little tug. He did and it totally worked. Out came his tooth.


Wanna see the place where his tooth used to be?


It just looks so ouchy to me! But Alexander is putting on a tough face.


His tooth is waiting under his pillow for a visit from the tooth fairy as I type. I predict that the tooth fairy will leave him a dollar.
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