Wednesday, January 6, 2010

A Chronological look at what I have been up to since the last time I blogged...

At the advice of several people.... most of whom read my blog via facebook, not here on blogger..... I am going to start at the beginning of where I last blogged and work my way through. This might get broken up into more than one post if I start to realize that it is going to be crazy long.....

The last thing I blogged was that Aeddon had turned 4....

Around that same time Owen did something that just about ripped my heart in two. See he was feeding Liam (or the Moose to most...) and his phone got a text. I thought I would be nice since he was elbow deep in baby food and read it to him. It was from an ex-girlfriend that I have spent the last several months begging him to stop all contact with. At the end of her text was the phrase "I Love You."

I Love You? That is not something you text to just a friend. Love you or love ya or luv ya, Maybe.... but fully typing out I love you made me curious. So I read his text inbox and then his text outbox. In those two things I found that they were full on Sexting.... and that he had asked her to take three days off of work and hang out with him on a work related trip he was going to have to take for three days.

Yeah. I about died. I made him call her on speakerphone and tell her that he would never speak to her again. Then I made him delete her from our lives.

So vacation for us started off on a rough foot. It is hard to act happy and excited to see everyone when you are dying inside..... Of course I could have just acted how I felt, but that wouldnt have been fair to my parents or to his.

Then we left for California on the 18th. As we usually do we drove straight through in one big go. No stopping to sleep. 1100 miles in one big trip of insanity.

We are hard core like that.

While we were there we stayed at Owens parents house. The one room they had for us was way to small to fit all 6 of us, so Liam and I slept in that room and Owen slept in the living room on air mattresses with the rest of the kids.


That picture has Owen, Mikaela, Aeddon and Alexander in it. Can you find them all?

Anyways. While we were there we packed in as much fun as we could.


Owen's dad, Don, was silly...


Owen's mom, Carole, tried to contain her mirth...


Owen's brother, Kester, made silly faces while cooking obscene amounts of various types of dessert breads.

That was just the first day!

The next day we went to see my parents.


Dad worked in the garage/workshop with Alexander making me a christmas present.


My mom prepared for the youth groups progressive dinner.


Mikaela got to put the Angel on the family tree.


She also got to play dress-up with all of my sister, Rachel's, pink stuff.


Rachel was constantly fussing with her make-up. I think she was nervous about all her friends being at the house with "the other Bailey's Circus".

My brother wisely hid from the teen invasion...


Aeddon, who was still wiped from the trip, sucked on the countertop and watched the chaos unfold. Later that night he set a napkin on fire and set it on the kitchen table to see what happened. My dad was not amused, but handled himself beautifully. It was our fault really for leaving the candles lit after dinner....

Have you noticed the lack of Liam in the post so far? Well that is because the first few days we were there he slept constantly cause he was cutting his top two front teeth at one time. Then the third day we were there he started having flu like symptoms. He then spent the rest of the time until Christmas Day pretty much sleeping through the flu. I got him his flu shot. He still got the flu. Thank God Owen is a Medic and knew what to look for to keep Liam safe. Otherwise we probably would have spent most of the trip in the ER with Liam!

The third day that we were there Don and Carole took us to the hsi lai buddest temple near there home.


They liked my children so much there that they let them into one of the sacred gardens so that I could take their pictures. I didnt even ask! They offered!


After our visit at the temple Owen, Kester, Annie and I went to Rose Hills to see Neal and the boys. We cleaned up their headstones cause the recent rain had made them muddy. Owen played "Wish You Were Here" by Pink Floyd. We all took some time to contemplate what christmas would have been like if they were still here.

The biggest miracle of that part of the day was that Kester let me take his picture. Voluntarily.


This might be my favorite picture from the whole trip.

The fourth day (or third whole day) of our trip was spent with my parents. Rachel and my dad took Owen and Mikaela and Aeddon shopping. They bought my moms christmas presents.


My mom and Alexander made a gingerbread house.


I think it turned out great.

The next day was Wednesday and should have been spent with Owen's family. That didnt happen though because of a SERIOUS MISUNDERSTANDING that got way out of hand.

Instead we went to Clark Park with my sister.


The next day was christmas Eve. I think that I will give christmas Eve and Christmas their own post as this one has gotten quite long.
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