Thursday, January 28, 2010

The second week of our Christmas Vacation...

Well sort of... I am gonna start with the Sunday of Liam's baptism, just after the festivities.

After Liam's baptism at the church we headed over to my mom's house for some sandwiches and presents for the newest little member of God's family.


Liam, however, thought he would be better off taking a nap with his Oma...

So I opened his presents.

Then we left my families house and headed over to Owen's parents house. Shortly after we got there we all headed out to Clark Park again.

For a little while we all just stood there...


Then we got down to business and started feeding the ducks!


After we went through the 4 loaves of cheap white bread from the 99 cent store we got to the business of playing.


Eventually it got to dark to see the playground equipment. It was time for the park to close, so we loaded up into the van's and headed out. The Ramirez family headed home... The Bailey Families headed out to dinner.

The next day we headed out to Exhibition Park in Los Angeles.

We first went to the Natural History Museum. We expected it to cost a small fortune cause our group was so big... we were wrong! Turns out Active Duty Military and their group gets in for FREE!


We saw Dino bones...


We did arts and crafts...


We saw some truly quality taxidermy...


We got to see some real paleontologists at work in the "Dino Lab"


And we got to see some Mayan treasures.

Then we headed out of the Natural history museum and enjoyed some corn on a stick and ice cream!


Liam, whom by this time had finally recovered from the flu, enjoyed the heck out of being able to crawl around in the grass...


On a completely sidetracked note...


Isn't it beautiful how much Owen's parents still love each other after more than 35 years?!

Next we headed over to the Science Museum.


This is our whole group!

The Science Museum is technically free... but they do recommend that you make a donation... but nobody will give you a hard time if you don't!

In the Science Museum we all enjoyed learning about how stone arches work...


The kids played under the arches for a little while...


Then Dadzilla struck!


Finally we went outside to see how many kids it would take to pull up a truck off the floor using leverage...


Turns out it takes more kids than The Ramirez's and we have!

After all that we headed back to the Bailey house and called it a night.

On Tuesday we went to my parents house again.

Mom gave the kids their stocking, since for some reason that had never happened on Christmas Eve.

Liam finally got to open his presents since he was no longer sick...


He thought ripping off all that paper was awesome!

Then it was decided that it was time to eat the gingerbread house that Mom and Alexander had made together.


The next day was the 30th... Annie came out again and while we waited for my cousin Rachel to drive up from Chula Vista, Carole told the kids the story of the Blue Willow Plate.


Once Rachel got there we went out to lunch at a restaurant called Life Plaza. They serve primarily Asian cuisine.


Mikaela tried desperately hard to use chopsticks like the adults.


Rachel thought that that was so awesome that she had to Facebook it from right there! (She also Facebooked when Alexander sang all the lyrics to La Vie Boheme too!)

After lunch we had the most awesome shaved ice and ice cream sundae ever! You don't believe me?


I told you.

After lunch and dessert we headed over to hang out and have a Monty Python night with Jan Williams, Neal's mom...

While the guys and Annie watched Flying Circus episodes I attempted to teach my cousin to crochet. I am sad that there are no pictures of that...

The next day was Owen's birthday.... which I guess really does deserve it's own post... so I guess I will have to continue this later!
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