Monday, January 14, 2008

Boys at play

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Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing, having my kids so close together..... I worry that I stole away time that they should have individually gotten..... I worry that they are going to resent each other for the time that the other gets.....
Then I take a picture like this. And I realize that I have done the right thing. My boys are each others best friends!
Yes they fight sometimes... and yes sometimes they tell each other they dont love each other.... but I have seen them do things that tell me otherwise.... I have seen Alexander push down a kid that was giving Aeddon a hard time at the playground. I have seen Aeddon suckerpunch a kid that took a ball from Alexander. I have also seen them do really sweet non-violent things too. Alexander will regularly break his cookie in half and share with Aeddon if the dog stole Aeddons cookie (or even if Aeddon just gave it to the dog then cried foul!) I have seen Aeddon pet Alexanders head when Alexander wasn't feeling good.
And this doesn't just happen between the boys! I have come in to the room that Aeddon and Mikaela share only to find him in her crib cuddling her. I have seen him break of half his toast and put it on her highchair tray. Alexander loves her too! He will stop what he is doing and try to cheer her up if she is crying.... And if she grabs a handful of his hair and pulls it.... he doesn't get mad! He just smiles at her and slowly untangles his hair from her fist and tells her "It's ok. You are a baby and you are still learning! You can pull my hair if you want to." Seriously! How many 4 year olds are that good with their baby sisters? I don't know any others!

I guess that I am blessed. My mom says that it is because I have done a good job trying to keep things fair and trying to make sure that they all have special one on one time..... but I think that really I am just blessed. I think that God's plan for me had more to do with it than any kind of Wonder-Parenting on my part! Thank You God!

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