Monday, January 7, 2008

Our family and Nanny Joan.

Our family and Nanny Joan., originally uploaded by jaclynbailey.

I am so glad that my prayers were answered. Nanny Joan had been bedridden for over a week and I am so glad that she was able to get out of bed and spend some time with us before we had to head back to El Paso..... She is nearing the end of her life..... She has lived through alot...... she is 91...... so we are afraid that this will be her last Christmas. I wish she were going to be with us longer. She is an amazing person and has had some amazing adventures...... She gave birth to Owen's mom, Carole, during the german blitz of London during WW2.... She was in her third trimester when she was chased down the street by a german plane! I cant even imagine all the things that she has seen and done! She has traveled around the world! I am just proud to have been a small part of this proud womans history.

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