Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I (HEART) Mail!!!!

I love when I go to the mailbox and find something completely unexpected! Today there were the usual bills... and then there was a box!!!!!!! I was very suprised when I saw that it was from knittinintexas I was very suprised!

See here is the thing.... I am a member of a group on Ravelry called Caffeine Addicts. The group was doing a swap... when the woman running the swap, Knitting Betty, mysteriously disappeared. She hasnt been on Ravelry... She hasn't posted on her blog. (I am worried about Knitting Betty! Even though I have never met her....) So we waited almost a full two weeks.... (and somewhere in that time I voluteered to be a moderator for the group).... and called the swap a bust. But there was a problem with that! Alot of people, myself included, were very disappointed! So knittinintexas and I took over the swap! YAY!

Well I was so EXCITED that I accidentally kind of did everything hard... like organizing the questionaires into qualifing catagories (you know things like "these people have pets", "these people are deathly allergic to pets", "These people live in Europe" and "these people live in the US, Are allergic to everything, and dont want to ship internationally" things like that)... and then assigning the partners... and sending out the emails of who had whom....

She did help alot though! She was way faster on the draw for doing stuff like answering the questions of swap participants.... and making group anouncements! Which is good cause under stress I tend to get bitchy!

So back to my mailbox.... She sent me a Thank you gift! This was the contents!

IMG_1584 copy
IMG_1586 copy

YAY! Presents! I Heart Presents! (Which is good since my birthday is on Sunday!!!!!)

So of course now I have to come up with a nice thank you gift for her too! Why did I not think of that to begin with???????
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