Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My birthday....

So my birthday was on Sunday.... April 13th. I turned 26. Yep. I got some good stuff for my birthday.

For example I got a surprise party that was only kind of a surprise.... Not their faults.... I just think to much. Here is some of the fun from the party....

This is me opening my present from Heidi. It is a bathset... it smells like honey almond.

This is my favorite part of my birthday dinner:
Eggplant Parmesean! YUMMY! MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!

This is my birthday cake!
It started its life as Elmo.... By the time I got near it.... it was a cool looking chocolate m&m monster on a bed of chocolate ice cream!

And these are a bunch of pictures of us all singing to the PS3 American Idol Karaoke game...... I didn't want to sing... but was informed that as the birthday girl... I had no choice. So I sang too!

(for the ladies featured in my pictures.... that is what you get for making me sing!)

My husband also had a present sent to me! He ordered it online and had it shipped to me......
Thank you Honey! I love Piers Anthony!

My in-laws sent me a card.... a very pretty card... with money. Money that I am going to use to buy these: Boots!

YAY for new boots.

My Mom said she was gonna give me birthday money.... but she hasnt done it yet.... wish she would hurry up and do it.... since I already spent it! I bought yarn! Thanks MOMMY!

Also on my actually birthday Bill and Jessica stopped by..... they brought me a cake... which for some reason I didnt photograph... I do, however, have pictures of the kidlets eating it!

So that was pretty much my birthday...

(oh btw.... if you noticed that I was wearing vinyl in the picture of me singing... that is a long story... I would rather not dicuss it on here if you dont mind!)
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