Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The saga of my hair.....

Ok... So like most girls I am obsessed with my own hair. I am never happy with it. I blame my Nanna. Once upon a time I had very pretty hair.... See?:
Me in 1st grade
It is naturally the darkest black brown.... but changes color in the sun quickly to a more brown color....

But my Nana wasnt happy with this.... she always said "You could have such pretty hair if it was just curly! So she took me out and got me a perm:
Me in 3rd grade
Thanks Nana.

So over time I grew to hate my hair. It would be so pretty if it was just..... so then I went through all the options! It would be so pretty if it was just:

really straight
really long
blue black

So this was my hair maybe two years ago.... I had just taken it out of braids:
Big bear 1-13 thru 1-17, boys at home 1-18 102
(by the way I had just given birth to Aeddon 6 weeks before that picture.... I am in jammies... and it was taken at a cabin in Big Bear, California.)

This is how it had pretty much stayed for a long time. Long and black-ish.... but sometimes I had bangs:

And sometimes I didn't:

But I got bored with the bangs or no bangs options....

Now as some of you may know... I am a little gothy... Not really a full blown goth... but I do love the clothes and the music....

(BTW~ that dress is pleather.. I already owned it... the only part of what I was wearing that was a costume was the wings!)

So I decided that I was gonna start coloring my hair again.... and start dressing a little more goth again... in short I was going to go back to being Jaclyn and not just being mom....

So I Started dying my hair. First I took babysteps....


Green highlights throughout my hair!

Then I dyed the top of it red!

But Owen said he hated the two tone look... even if everybody else said they loved it. Anyways... then I began the process of bleaching out my hair so I could dye all of it red......

Mikaela 365: Day 103
for a while it looked like this. It was still long... but not bleached enough.... so I bleached it some more. The problem with that was that it KILLED my hair! So I had to chop it off! Somewhere in all of this I decided to dye it pink for a breast cancer walk....

Breast Cancer Awareness Hair
But I really don't like pink for myself... so it went to the red I wanted it to be!


Unfortunately that faded really fast! So then my hair looked like Milla Jovovich in "The Fifth Element"


Well that I didnt like so much... but I really didnt want to bleach my hair again! Who knows how much of it would have survived this time!

So I waited for it to fade enough to take a new color without looking really weird.

So then I dyed it! And I think I finally found something I love! I think that this is going to be my hair color for a long time!

Ready for it?


PURPLE!!!!!! I LOVE PURPLE! Purple has been my favorite color for as long as I can remember! Why didnt I think of purple sooner? Who cares! It looks great! It does need one more coat to be a more even purple... but it is amazing! So that is the saga of my hair!

See I told you I was obsessed with my own hair!
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