Wednesday, August 27, 2008

OK. So life is finally starting to slow down a little...

Things have been crazy around here in Bailey-ville for a long time. Almost 2 months worth of crazy. (almost) Well all that is behind us now! (knocks on wood so hard that her knuckle splits open...) We have been in the "blue house" (the boys named it) for a week and a half and we had our household goods delivered last tuesday. Guess where most of our stuff is.... in the basement.

What? We have a basement????? You want a crappy digital picture tour of the house? Ok. Since you asked so nicely.

This is the entire house from the front. Now you see why the boys named it the blue house. Yes I know my street number is visible in the picture. I live in a relatively big city. There are lots of places with that street number. I know. I asked the mailman. Nice guy.


This is the entire back of the house. I took this picture from the access alley. See all our blackberry bushes?

MMMMM! Fresh from the bush blackberries! Did you know that blackberries are like weeds up here? You trim them back to nothing one year... and the next year they are taking over most of your backyard.... rip them out completely... and in a year or two you will find that apparently a blackberry fell off the bush and took root.... Ta-da! More blackberries... Oh! Did you also know that they have wicked sharp thorns? Doesnt stop Mikaela from blackberry addiction!(More about that later. I promise!)

This is the staircase up to the patio.... the patio also has the backdoor to the house! Yay!

When you go into the house from the patio this is what you come in through. The door to the patio and the door to the basement are in the same little nook of the kitchen. This is what the kitchen looks like:

Well that is the basic idea of how the kitchen looks anyhow.

Then there is the dinning room:
It is not huge... but it is just the right size for our table and chairs. I love the built in shelf unit!

The dinning room is atatched to the living room:
In the one corner you dont see is the front door to the house. I am bummed that the fireplace is all boarded up... but apparently it is for the best since the whole thing is in need of alot of work.

The rest of the house is accessed through the hallway that leads off of the livingroom. First there is our room:
It is the smallest bedroom in the house. I am pretty sure that it is about 10x11. Yeah. It is small... but it was the only room that Owen and I were going to have any privacy in... so we went with it.

This is the bathroom:
It is small and old fashioned... but what it lacks in size and amentities.... it makes up for in charm! See that tub? It has feet! How cute is that!

Then there is the playroom. Some day (if we stay in this house for longer than a year or two) this may become Alexander and Aeddons room... but I dont know for sure yet.
It is also not large... but this house was built in 1928-ish! From this room is the only acess to the final liveable room in the house. It is the attic room.
See that row of x's above? When my kids wake up I will go take a picture of the attic room and post it there. We opted to give this room to the kids for a couple of reasons. The center of the room is the only part that Owen can stand up in. At it's tallest point this room is only six and a half feet tall! He almost gave himself a concussion building the boys bed up there. The other reason is that if we had put the kids down stairs in the smaller room and taken the upstairs for ourselves, Owen would have had to walk through someones bedroom every morning at 4:30 to get ready for work! Not such a good plan.

Ok. Now that we have finished the tour of the "useful" part of the house.... let me show you the basement. First is the stairway:

Then the actual basement:
Laundry facilities

Door into canning room.

The storage side.

The Garage side. There is access to this through the backyard. We dont know if we are gonna use this to put the car in.... I guess we will see how bad winter is here before we decide!

Well, That concludes the tour of our house. Hope you enjoyed it! Until next time!
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