Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hat, Hat, Hatty-Hat-Hats!

Apparently, I only knit hats. Seriously. I have tons of other things to knit.... but my family wants hats. First it was Mikaela. Then Alexander had to have a hat. Then Aeddon accused me of not loving him cause I didnt make him a hat yet. (He really did. I swear that I am not making that up... Seriously my boy has issues.)

So I did what any knitting mom would do. I made hats. I gotta tell you a secret. Even though I liked Alexanders yarn the most to start with.... I dont like the way his hat looks. The yarn color-pooled. Badly. On the other side of the scope, I hated Aeddon's yarn to begin with..... I am not a big fan of the 60's citrus kitchen look, but Aeddon loved it.... so I started knitting... and I love the way it turned out! It made a rocking pattern as I knit it up! I love Doodlebirds yarns!

So now here are the hats.

Mikaela in her new hat.

Alexander in his new hat.

See the color-pooling. Oh well. He loves it.

Aeddon in his new hat.

See?! It did make a cool pattern... and the colors look way better together knit up than they did skeined! Yay!

So guess what????!!!!!

Now Owen wants a hat.

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