Friday, November 14, 2008

A Year in the Making

As I have said before, I have been making a lot of things lately. Well for the whole year now, I have been making calendar pages. See here is the thing, a year ago I started a 365 project with each of my kids. I did really well... that is until my camera bit the dust at the end of august. By the time I got a new one.... I had lost all inspiration to continue the project. Well I still continued to make mosaics out of pictures I was taking each month. The idea was to use one mosaic per month and have them made into a calendar that I could have printed up as Christmas gifts. I finished compiling the last mosaic today.

Since most people will not be receiving these calendars, I thought I would share the pictures with you.... especially since the two sets of people who will be receiving them don't read my blog, so it will not ruin their Christmas surprise.

Without further ado I am going to post the pictures as they will show up in the calendar:

January 2009:
January Calendar page

February 2009:
Calendar Page February

March 2009:
March Calendar Picture

April 2009:
Calendar Page April

May 2009:
Calendar Page May

June 2009:
June Calendar Page

July 2009:
New July 2008 Calendar Picture.

August 2009:
New August 2008 Calendar Page

September 2009:
September 2008 Calendar Page

October 2009:
October 2008 Calendar page

November 2009:
November Calendar picture

December 2009:
December Calendar picture

I hope that our parents will enjoy these calendars as much as I enjoyed putting them together for them over the last year.
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