Thursday, May 28, 2009

PPD Strikes the Blog!!!!

Ok. So those of you who are my friend on Facebook know that I have been really struggling with PPD since Liam's birth. Of course none of you know just how bad it has been, and I am not going to bring you all down by telling you. Unless you want me to. If you wanna hear all about my struggles with PPD (postpartum depression for those who may not know.) then I can share that with you all, but I don't wanna loose what readers I have cause I got sad.

Anyways. The point that I originally came to make was that due to suffering from PPD, I have not been giving this blog the attention that it deserves! Some great stuff (other than Liam getting seriously cuter every day!) has been happening and I have shared NONE of it with you! I am sorry for that. So now the plan is to catch up on all of that over the course of the day. So there may be several posts today since I think that most of what I am gonna share deserves it's own post.
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