Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Privilege of being Military...

Sometimes there are privileges to being in the Military. Sneak Peek Previews of blockbuster movies is one of those perks.

On Sunday, Owen and I went on a date. We went and saw the new Terminator movie, Terminator Salvation for free. I have to tell you though, I would have paid to see this movie!

I am not a fan of gory movies that lack plot and count on the gross out or fear factor to get butts in the seats of the theater. This movie had a plot that didn't need gore or fear to make it rock. The special effects were well done, with the exception of one effect that was obviously CGI. That particular effect involved the Governor of my Home State.

Also, the movie featured some Fantastic EYE CANDY! I love Christian Bale, and have yet to see a movie that I didn't LOVE his performance in, even if I didn't enjoy the movie itself! There is eye candy for those out there that aren't into men too! Moon Bloodgood is BEAUTIFUL!

If you liked the first two Terminator movies, you will love this one. If you love high action movies like the Transformers movie, You will enjoy this movie.

My only critique? It was loud. My ears still hurt a little!

GO SEE THIS AS SOON AS IT COMES OUT. I doubt you will regret it, unless Fried Green Tomatoes (Which I also enjoyed for the record!) is more your thing. Then just stay home.
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