Friday, October 24, 2008

I have been making!

Making a baby makes me want to make other stuff! So I have been on a making kick! First, as you may remember I made my sister, Rachel, a hat. She finally sent me a picture of herself wearing it... It is a cell phone picture though... not the best quality! Oh well! Here is the hat on its intended wearer:


Then I made a hat using the same pattern for Mikaela. Hers doesnt have a flower though cause I cant find a pink yarn that matches nicely without varigations. I think since the hat itself is varigated, it would be too much to also have a varigated flower!

IMG_7485 copy

Then I decided to finish some of the Summerlin dresses that I started this summer! They are so friggin cute! I am so glad that the ladies at Kathryn Ivy decided to give this pattern out as a freebee! I love it! The first one came out ok... but I really should have worked on centering the large pattern on the fabric better. Oh well it is still cute!


She refused to stay still... so this is the best picture I got of her in it before she played in it and got it all dirty!

Then I decided to try again and finish another Summerlin:


Ha! I like that in the last picture you can see her looking at my blogger account. No unmoderated comments for me! (I had already moderated them!) See what I mean though about the second one being way cuter?!

Not only have I been making crafty things... but I have also been baking. Yesterday I baked three huge loaves of Zucchini bread. Of course I didnt think to take a picture of that! Oh well.

I wonder if in all this making mojo I will finally finish my "tattoo scarf". That would be nice since I am still just under half done. It is kinda boring knitting.
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