Monday, October 20, 2008

An update on housing....

Owen went in on friday to speak to the onpost housing people. The housing rep that called us made a small mistake. The houses that are available to us are not in the best housing area. They are in the second best housing area.... which is actually even better for us... Why is second best better, you ask? Well because the "best" is a two story house. The "second best" is a one story. Anyone who knows me knows that when you live with chronic pain like I do, you cant always make it up the stairs. In the "best" house all the bedrooms were upstairs.

Also, notice that I said houses? Plural. She gave him two choices. One is open on November 4th. The other is open on December 5th. We are gonna take the one that is available in December.

We talked to The Landlords. They figured that when we called and asked to have a sitdown meeting with them that we were gonna tell them that a house had opened up on post. They said they were more than happy to let us break our lease. They wanted us to do what was best for us and they said that the fact that we were willing to stay in the house a month longer to give them a chance to find a new tenant was amazing. They were expecting us to tell them they had a week or something! See! They really are friggen awesome people! They even wanted to know if we were gonna need help moving on post. They also wanted to know if we were gonna keep in touch with them when we moved. They said they really like us too and that they wanted to stay friends whether we live in their house or not.

The Lord works in mysterious ways my friends. Truely.

My next post will be alot more fun than this one! We spent the whole weekend having Halloween themed fun with the kids! I have lots of pictures and everything!
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