Friday, October 17, 2008

What am I gonna do?

I am very confused right now. Here is the thing: We are not wealthy. We have enough money to do what we need to do, but not much else (there are no cruises in our immediate future!) We are a family of 5- soon to be 6 living off of one income, and not a six figure income either. So here is my problem.

We put ourselves on the list for on-post housing when we first moved here to Tacoma. We were told that we would have to wait between 6 and 12 months for a house to open up. So we set about getting a rental. I didn't want to get an apartment cause we have a dog. (a cute dog for the record) Riley is not a big dog, but he is not a little dog either. He needs more space than an apartment has. So we rented a house from a really fantastic family. They are alot like us. They have 5 kids and one income (although I have no idea how much that income is. None of my business really....)

The Landlords (names changed) need a tenant in their house. See here is the thing, they are renting a bigger house than this one from a friend. So they need a tenant to be able to pay their mortgage and their rent. Make sense so far?

Well here is the thing. A house opened up on post for us. It is available now. It is in the nicest housing area on post. It has a fantastic floor plan, a master suite, a gourmet style kitchen, and a garage! If we move on post, all of our bills are covered by our housing allowance. Plus on this post they take a percentage of your housing money and put it in a savings account for you. When you move out of on post housing they give you all of the money that they saved for you in a lump sum check. As far as I know, that money is tax free cause it came out of his paycheck once, so if we were taxed on it again, it would be double taxed ( I could be wrong on that though!)

Living in The Landlords house we spend almost all of our housing money on just rent and the bills take almost $200 out of our "living expense" money. So if we moved on post we would have an extra $200 a month! So moving on post is the best thing for my family. The problem is that I really like The Landlords! They are fantastic people. They moved out of the house two weeks before they had originally planned to so that we could spend less time in a hotel. I really don't want to screw them over by moving, but if we stay it will be hurting us!

So what do I/we do? Do we do what is best for our family? Or do I stick it out for a little longer until they can find a new tenant? (if we wait the chances of us getting another house in the best neighborhood is slightly smaller than slim to none.) I am confused. I don't want to hurt them, but I don't want to hurt us either. What would you do in my place?
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