Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The babies Wish List!

Ok. Now a list for the people who will want to buy something for the baby.

1. Ikea gift cards. Seriously. Even if it is only for $5! We want to get Liam a crib and a dresser, a changing table topper for that dresser, and some bedding. All of that stuff is at Ikea. If everybody I know sent me a $5 Ikea gift card, I could afford everything on the Ikea list! Plus gift cards cost way less to ship!

2. Green Mountain Diapers Prefolds. In a size small. They are the ones with a yellow edge. We need 2 dozen! 2 dozen ordered and on our way to us!

3. Flannel Wipes and Snappi fasteners. Both can be bought from Green Mountain Diapers and can be found on this page. Between the two Katies, I have enough snappis now! Yay!

4. Tee Shirts. Not onsies. Onsies dont work with wool longies very well and I would have to cut them! American apparel has plain ones in long sleeve and short sleeve. 3-6 month size is fine. Liam is probably gonna be huge like Aeddon.... so I will only have to roll up the sleeves for a month or so! Babies R Us also has a pretty good selection!

5. Yarn. Now I know that that sounds like a gift for me... but I make Liams longies and shoes and hats out of wool yarn... SO a gift of 500 yards of 100% wool yarn in a worsted weight or heavier weight would be awesome! Solid colors, varigated colors. All of it rocks. Just make sure that it is 100% wool and that it is not terribly scratchy. Or you could just get a gift certificate to Yorkshire Yarns or WEBS and I can just get the yarn for myself! I understand that shopping for yarn for some people can be daunting.

In fact if you just wanted to get me gift certificates for any of these places, I will happily accept that. I understand that my baby wish list is not your normal Babies R Us registery. Although I think Owen still wants me to put one of those together too....
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