Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Countdown of the craziest month of my year, this year.

So, as long as you are not in a coma, you probably noticed that April starts tomorrow. This is going to be the craziest month of my year this year. Ready for an itemized list of what should be happening, in order, this month? Great! Glad to hear you are on board! Here we go!

* April 2nd~ Second to last, or possibly last OB appointment before Liam's arrival. DONE!
* April 6th~ Alexander goes back to school/ Spring break ends. Done! He had a rough first day back though!
* April 7th~ Fence installation day!!!! Finally Riley will have the yard he desperately needs to have time away from the kids!
* April 9th~ Aeddon's behavioral/ social interaction evaluation Done. We get the results on whether he is eligible at this time for special education (so he can get a headstart and hopefully be able to interact more normal with the world!) on April 16th. Which reminds me that I need to add that appointment to the schedule!
* April 10th~ Don Bailey's (FIL'S) birthday. We even remembered to call him! Go us! Maybe next year we will get his present to him on time for his birthday!
* April 12th~ Easter Sunday. Owen may not be home for this! Stupid CQ! Owen did work. We made it to church, but the rest of the day was just eh.
* April 13th~ My birthday! Another bad-ish birthday to add to a long list of badish birthdays.
* April 13th~ NEW third to last OB appointment before Liam's arrival! Done. The doctor I saw was my favorite so far. To bad he wont be delivering me!
* April 16th~ Appointment with Childfind to find out if Aeddon is eligible for special education and occupational therapy. If he is approved, it will mean that they still suspect that he may have Aspergers Syndrom. If he is denied, they will re-evaluate him in 6 months. Aeddon was approved for special education services.
* April 22nd~ Second to last OB appointment before Liam's birth. There will also be an appointment on the 27th. That one hasn't been scheduled yet.
* April 24th~ Mikaela's 2nd birthday
* April 25th~ Orion's (my brother) birthday
* April 25th~ Mikaela's Birthday Party... If I can get my act together and get it organized! I want her to have a party right before she is no longer "the baby"! (I got invitations out! This is gonna happen as long as Liam stays put!)
* April 28th~ Liam's Birth.

SO that is all the big stuff in on the calendar. Somewhere in there will probably be at least 1 more doctors appointment. Also stuff I have to do that I have to squeeze in there between all the calendar items:

* Take a family picture of all of us before our family goes from 5 to 6. I had April help do this. I still wanna try to get another one, since these are not quite the way I wanted them to be, but if that doesn't happen, that is OK!
* Crochet Liam's blanket. All of the babies have had a hand crocheted blanket and a sewn blanket I made them, but since I don't have a working sewing machine... Liam is only gonna have a crocheted one, unless someone has a spare sewing machine I could borrow for the next month! I have so many things I would like to sew! DONE! I just have to take a picture of the completed blanket. As soon as I do, I will share it with you! It turned out so CUTE!
* Go through the boxes of small baby girl clothes to pull out any gender neutral stuff that got packed in there on accident, and also to find the small sized PUL cloth diaper covers so that I can use them on Liam for times when he will not be wearing wool covers. Done! Owen finally helped me. I had less PUL covers than I thought I did, but I am sure all will work out!
* Wash the 0-3 month boy clothes. Gotta have something more than pants to put on Liam!
* Set up the swing for Liam.
* Set up the bassinet. All the kids have used it!
* Wash the boppy and find the boyish cover. Washed the boppy... although I might have to replace it... It has a hole in it. I will see how it is with the cover on it. I also found my boyish cover, but I really would like to pick up a nicer one!
* Pack a bag for the hospital.
* Tour L&D at this hospital... since I have never been there? Maybe? Finally toured L&D. It is a really nice facility!
* Get a pedicure. Owen's present to me for my birthday is pretty feet before I give birth. Maybe I can get a manicure too... Maybe?
* Make a menu for Owen to follow while I am in the hospital. He can cook well enough, but lacks direction in the kitchen!
*Get a "Guess how much I love you" baby book for Liam. All the kids have exactly the same baby book. That way nobody can try to say someones was better! (Yay planning ahead!

That is all for now, although I am sure that there is, in fact more!
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