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26. I never did my homework in high school. I got good grades on my tests but still failed alot of my classes due to my inability to complete and hand in the homework. I did not see why I should have to do all that busy work if my tests reflected that I knew the material. For the most part my teachers disagreed.

27. My favorite teacher was Mrs L. Batchelor. She was an English teacher. She was my English teacher for 8Th grade. When we moved up to the High School she moved up too. She was my English teacher for 9Th grade English.... both years that I took it.

28. I tried out to be a cheerleader my freshman year (technically the auditions were in April of my 8Th grade year....) I didn't make the team. I thought it was because I had been hit by a car in a bike accident 4 days before tryouts (the second time I was hit by a car, I was fine... mostly scrapes and a sprained arm) and that they had held my slightly hindered mobility against me. Turns out I wasn't the right size.

29. Remember Jason from # 22 and 23? Well he got his Letterman's jacket our freshman year. He got his motorcycle our sophomore year (I think...) I was in love. When it would get to hot for him to wear his Letterman's jacket during the day I would take it and wear it .(we lived in Southern California. It is usually to hot for a Letterman's jacket...) At the end of the day I would meet him at the flagpole and give him his jacket back. I always thought about ditching last period so I didn't have to give it back. I always gave it back. I was always dizzy when I did. He never figured out that I wore that jacket that smelled like him and made me look so small in 90 degree weather cause I wished it was his arms wrapped around me instead of just the arms of his jacket. I never saw him again after graduation. He found me on Myspace a year ago. He said that he had had the biggest crush on me in High school and had worn his jacket to school everyday cause he liked to see me in it. He never said anything cause he thought I was still angry about him dating Ginny in Jr High. Boys are dumb sometimes.

30. I had several other crushes in High School. They were Ryan, Edward, Dustin, Travis and Eric. Not one of them liked me back.... or if they did they never told me. I never had a boyfriend in High school. I never went to a single "couples" dance.

31. My brothers friend, Mark, and I accidentally threw my brother off a 40 foot cliff once. We were throwing industrial sized saw horses off a cliff on this guys ranch and Orion's shirt caught on the saw horse. He and the saw horse tumbled down the hill, over really sharp rocks and through a patch of cactus. The saw horse weighed over 150lbs. Orion walked away with alot of bruises, alot of cuts and scrapes and a few cactus needles stuck in his skin like splinters. He didn't cry or get mad at us. My brother has balls of steel.

32. I was in show choir in High school. No I don't have any pictures to show you.... my mom might. I was often given up as the proper example of how to apply show make-up and style show hair. I did the make-up of several other girls before shows and competitions.

33. I had surgery on my feet when I was 16. I went to school 2 days later. I should have stayed home. Someone crashed into me in the hallway between classes and popped one of my stitches. I didn't tell anyone cause I didn't want my mom to say "I told you so". The scars on my feet are way worse than they would have been if I had stayed home to recover.

34. My guidance counselor did a better job teaching me math than my math teachers ever did. I failed classes on purpose so I could take the summer school course with him. They wouldn't just let me take the classes in the summer to begin with, so I had to fail.

35. I was in color guard. I went to band camp. To bad for us band camp was at school. No interesting stories to tell.

36. My friends all thought that the band director had a crush on me. He saw me in a bra and no shirt several times. They were all accidents of really bad timing. I was usually the slowest dresser and usually had earphones in so I didn't hear him ask if he was clear to come on the bus. He would have waited if I had said I was still half nekked. I usually stood up to put my shirt on just as he came up the stairs. Poor guy. Hard not to look when all of a sudden there are young, large breasts in a black lace bra right in front of you. He turned bright red every time it happened.

37. The pianist for choir was Ms. Patti. I think that she knew that I cant read music. When we would be getting new sheet music she would quietly play just the alto part for the music. I had it memorized after that. I have good pitch and a good ear. I am pretty sure she did it for me specifically. I sat in on other choir classes once. She didn't do that in any class but mine.

38. I learned to hate Romeo and Juliet in High School. Ryan ruined it for me. Thanks ass.

39. I was not allowed to wear more than one article of black clothing at a time in High School. (shoes didn't count) My parents were afraid I was gonna end up one of those Gothic freaks (SNORT..... COUGH..... Choke...... LAUGH!!!!!!) That worked out well for them.

40. I was not allowed to shop in Hot Topic as a teenager. (See #39) My mom signed a petition to have "that devil worshipping store" removed from the Brea mall. I applied to work there when I was 18.

41. The worst day of my childhood life was August 17Th 1999. I wont go into details.... but bad stuff happened and when all was said and done I was arrested for Assault and Battery with a deadly weapon. Wanna know what the deadly weapon was? A seam ripper, which I tossed into the hallway completely closed. To bad that the person I was fighting with was just coming out of the laundry room and thought that I had purposefully thrown it at them. To bad the cap popped off as it hit the wall so that they thought I threw an opened seam ripper at them. What? You don't even know what a seam ripper is? Here is one. Keep in mind that the whole thing is usually about 3 inches long and the "blade" for cutting stitches is usually less than half and inch.

42. I spent the next two weeks after August 17Th in Maximum Security juvie after that. Do you know who was in max security with me, the seam ripper thrower? Rapists and murderers and drive-by shooting gang members and drug dealers, all of whom were under the age of 20.

43. I was "convicted" of a misdemeanor assault and battery. I lived with friends for a few months while they found me a group home close enough to my school. I lived in the group home till the day I turned 18. Then I moved out and into my Nana's house.

44. My record DISAPPEARED the day I turned 18. If you try to look it up, I was never even in the system. Turns out that my group home was a safe house. That means an unlisted group home that worked kind of like the witness protection program for kids. So to keep its existence a secret my record disappeared. I have had several background checks (my husband joined the army post 9-11) and not even the Army found my record.

45. I used to sneak cigarettes into my group home. I cut a very small hole in the pocket lining of my pea coat and slid the cigarettes in there. When they would check my jacket the cigarettes were hidden in the inside of the bottom hem of the jacket. They never once caught me. I sold one cigarette and one strike anywhere match for 3 dollars. I never bought the cigarettes. I would ask a middle aged man walking into the circle k up the street to pick me up a pack on my way from the bus stop to the group home. Not one of those nice men ever asked me for money for my cigarettes. I never smoked the cigarettes I got. ( I didn't smoke for the first time till I was 18. ) I used the money to buy lunch at school and pay to have my nails done.

46. I moved into my Nana's house when I turned 18..... She wanted me to help her do things like bathe my Papa. I couldn't help her and she kicked me out of her house with nowhere else to go during 2 months before graduation. I went to my friend Travis' house. His family took me in. I did everything I could to help out around the house and chipped in all the money from my college bonds to buy my share of groceries. I should not have left their house when I graduated. I should have gotten a job and used the money to help us all move into a bigger apt. or a house.

47. I did the make-up and hair for all of my friends for senior prom. I got dressed up with them. I wore my choral formal, minus the white shoulder drape. I went to dinner with them. When the limo came to the restaurant to take them to prom.... I went home. I didn't have a date so I couldn't go. It didn't occur to me to ask one of my sophomore or freshman friends to take me so I could go. You had to go with a boy-girl couple. No same sex couples allowed. ( I wonder if that is still banned.)

48. I should not have graduated from high school. I should have gotten an F in senior English, and therefore flunked out of high school. I had failed to do my senior project in my English class cause the group home wouldn't let me go to the public library to get information that my high school library didn't have. The project was worth 70% of your grade. I got a 0% on it. I wrote an essay the last day of class for my teacher (who hated me cause I constantly corrected him. I could have taught the class better than he did.) telling him that I would see him next year. I wrote that I was going to apply to the school board to allow me to repeat 12th grade due to extenuating circumstances, and that I was going to request him as my English teacher. All of a sudden my grade in that class went from a 30% (an F-!) to a 70%. (a C!) I think I blackmailed a teacher!? Oops.

49. I danced for 6 straight hours with no break during my grad night. Jason apparently watched and waited for me to stop so that he could tell me how he felt. I saw him on the sidelines and waited for him to come dance with me so i could tell him how I felt. He left two days after graduation for boot camp. I moved in with Lacy.

50. My High School payed for my Grad Night ticket. My ex Jere got all of my friends and the people from choir to each give a dollar to buy me my yearbook. I was presented my yearbook on the last day of school by Jere during Choir. I cried. Alot.
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