Sunday, June 29, 2008

Opinions, people, I need opinions!

Ok.... So at the beginning of June I cast on the Cashmere Arm Cosies from Lionbrand Yarn. I completed the first one...

and now I am stuck. I really like it. I love that the yarn that I used is varigated so from a distance you cant see the cable.

I think of it as an extra surprise detail for people who choose to get close enough to see it! Here is my problem. The cosy is opera length. I dont know how practical an opera length armwarmer is (I refuse to call it a cosy anymore.... cosies are something you put on a teapot or a mug... not an arm!) for me. I know that in a few weeks I will live in Washington, and that it is considerably more chilly there than it is here.... but still, opera lenth? are there alot of days when I will be comfy in a shortsleeved shirt if I have most of my arm covered (that would be nice since I really only own tanktops for the most part. Well tank tops and some empirewaisted 3/4 length sleeved tops.... and I wont be able to afford to fix my wardrobe right away) See here is my problem. I have two skeins of this yarn, which by the way is Goth Girl by Doodlebirds Creations in BFL worsted weight. I think that the first armwarmer took a little over half of the skein. Each skein is about 240 yards and I have (and used) a trim skein that matches that is 2oz of worsted weight yarn (yeah I have not been knitting long enough to know the yard aproximation on that one.) So here is the thing: if I keep going I will have to use a little of the other skein. I am worried that if I do that, I wont have enough of it to really make something worthwild..... unless I made a hat with a cabled border out of the trim skein and the body of the hat out of the varigated yarn.

Something like this hat, which I never finished. That way I would need slightly less than a full skein of the varigated yarn..... but I am just to new and unsure of a knitter to make a decisive choice on this. So please tell me your opinions, especially if you are a knitter, or live somewhere cooler than El Paso, Texas, or just have a really strong opinion about it....
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