Monday, September 29, 2008

Rachel is Sad.

My baby sister Rachel is sad. She is having a hard time right now. First I think I will show you a good picture of my baby sister so you will better be able to understand her woe.

I cant believe we really are related!

Ok. I realize I said a good picture... but I thought age acurate was more important that the perfect picture. So there. Also I realize that my sister does not look 14. She looks 18 or so. But I was there the day she was born and I guarantee you that she is 14. Moving on.

To understand my sisters plight you have to understand that she has always been beautiful like that. Always. She wasnt a cute little kid. She was a beautiful one. And the best part is is that because of her birthmark she doesnt think she is that hot. She thinks she is moderately good looking. Did you see her birthmark? It is right there on her face for you to see!

Wait... I might have a picture where it shows.....


I think that that is the worst picture of my sister I have ever seen. I cant believe I took that! But this is what she looks like after the crazy heat of an El Paso Summer had worn off all her make-up and made her look red and blotchy. That large red thing on the side of her face is her birthmark. If it wasnt for that birthmark, which if she is wearing make-up you would never see.... She would be the biggest stuck up little so and so you have ever seen! And that is coming from her biggest fan! ME!

Ok. So now that you see what she looks like.... here is Rachel's problem. She is a freshman in High School this year. ( I bet most of you just realized already what the problem is going to be) You might think that her problem is that she is now a medium sized fish in a big pond and no longer a big fish in a small pond.... but that is the opposite of her problem. She is a big fish in a big pond and people have taken notice. So much so that her friends are jealous. They are treating her badly as a result. Here she is, completely taken back by all this new attention and her friends that she has had since practically birth are turning on her. Here these people learned to stop wetting themselves together and now they are spreading rumors about her being a tramp and a B!+ch!

And she is devistated. What is worse is that she now feels like she has nobody left! She feels alone and upset. My mom is no help cause she is a teenager and therefore is just being melodramatic, and my dad doesnt see why she cares what people are saying (can you tell he was never a 14 year old girl?)And the one person she used to be able to escape to now lives on the opposite end (from north to south) of the country from her!

So since I cant be there to be there for her, I made her a hat! Wanna see?

IMG_7474 copy

IMG_7478 copy

This is an Amelia. Here is the Ravelry link and here is a link for anyone who is not on Ravelry but still wants to make one....

I thought that everytime she wore her hat she would remember how much I love her and that it would cheer her up. I dont know if it will work... but you can't blame an adoring older sister for trying, right?
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