Thursday, September 25, 2008

Sippy cups? We don't need no stinking sippy cups!

Sippy cups are the bane of my existence... I hate them. They smell, they get lost easily, and they are a pain in the butt to clean! I have to use a pipe cleaner on the lid and plastic nub thingy, and a cup cleaner on the rest of it... plus I have to worry about stupid things like did I put that nub in the right way? And is Aeddon's need to chew on his sippy cup ruining his teeth?

But no more! I am officially a sippy cup free house! (ok they are still in the cupboard just in case.)

I have been weaning Aeddon off his sippy cups for quite some time now. I wean the kids off their cups as they are potty training so that they are less likely to have accidents. It is harder to tell when you have to pee if there is always a little pee ready to go cause you sip on stuff all day....

Well I finally got him off his cup and then about two weeks ago Mikaela realized that she was the only one using a sippy cup. She was not amused. So she just stopped. I would fill her cup in the morning and have to pour out warm milk or juice by lunchtime. It was always still a full cup. So I pulled out the cup with the straw built in that we bought her in the summer for ice water. Ya know what? She is doing great with it! Sure I can only put in about a 1/4 of an inch of fluids at a time or she makes a huge mess.... but it is progress! She loves her big girl cup! Wanna see?


And just cause I think kids drinking out of straws is cute.... here are the boys too, just for good measure!



On a completely different subject.... see that blanket that Aeddon is holding? I think we are gonna have to change that kids name to Linus! He insists on taking that thing everywhere! I made it for him before he was born... and he loves it. Luckily if he ruins it I can run to Walmart and buy more of the fabric and make him a new one... and then hide the old one... Should I worry that he substituted his Ra-ra (pacifier) with a blanket?
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