Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Knitting content

So today I have some knitting content to share. I know, crazy right? You mean I am still doing that silly knitting thing? Yep. And I still even like it!

So knitting mojo was at an all time low during the move. I made a couple of tops for Summerlins.... but never sewed them to the fabrics I bought. I really should do that. Goodness only knows how long she is gonna fit in the sizes that I made!

I made a soaker. Just one. Which sucks... cause in the process of the move... Owen ruined one and I shrank one by accidentally washing it in the washer. So now that one is a size medium instead of a large.


I also made one fingerless glove.... but not the matching one to this one.... a different one that I am making for one of my new neighbors. I dont like this shade of green... but she does... so I am knitting it all up for her.


Then I also started on a scrunchable scarf (Ravelry link)... which I am calling my "Tattoo Scarf" cause I intended to knit on it while I was getting my tattoo....


But I didnt end up knitting cause the position I had to hold was not condusive to knitting. Oh well. I still want the scarf.... so I will knit away at it a little here and there.... but I really do need to make at least two more soakers for Mikaela so that she has a minimum of four.... plus I really should start making her longies so that she can have "pants" in the winter.... but still be in cloth diapers....

Ok... That is all that I have for now.... more later!
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