Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aeddon turns 3.

Aeddon had his birthday yesterday. My baby boy (yes I realize he is not my youngest, but he is special, which I will talk about sometime) is now almost a "big boy". All that is left is for him to potty train and he will no longer be a baby boy at all.

Here he is looking down while we sing him Happy Birthday.


Aeddon doesnt like to be the center of attention very much. We called both sets of grandparents to let them sing happy birthday with us. That was the sum total of his party guests. We could have waited till saturday and had a real party, but it would not have been fun for Aeddon, so we skipped it. I dont throw parties unless they ask for them.

Here he is blowing out his candle. This part of being the star of the show makes him happy. He likes to blow out candles. He would do it for hours if I let him.


Then the eating.....


Then we all made silly faces at the camera:


Except for Owen. Owen wanted to photograph us making silly faces.

Then the presents. I think he was very happy with what he got!

My parents sent a card with a gift card inside. Aeddon is already excited to go pick out a toy all by himself at Target. Thanks Oma, Papa and Auntie Rachel!

Owen's parents sent a card and a present. I think they called to ask Owen what to get Aeddon, but I could be wrong.

Owen's parents sent some really nice diecast cars that are from the Pixar movie "Cars". They also sent an outfit with Lightening McQueen on it. Aeddon wanted to put it on right away. We are gonna save his first time wearing it for when Owen's parents get here. That way if he ruins it, at least they will have gotten to see him in it once. Thank you Gran and Grandad!

Our present was last. When Owen took Alexander to spend his birthday money from my parents, Aeddon fell in love with a Buzz Lightyear toy they had there. He was very sad when Owen told him he couldnt get it.... Little did he know that we were planning on buying it for him on his birthday!

He was so excited that he had to take the darned thing to bed with him... and an hour later we had to go take it away and tell him he could have it back in the morning. I think he would have stayed up playing with it all night if we had let him!

So that was all the fun and festivities for my little Monkey!
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