Saturday, December 13, 2008

I am sorry.

I am sorry that posting has been infrequent and sporatic. Last friday we got the keys to our new home on post. So we have been moving. Plus I havent had internet on my computer and have been at the mercy of Owen allowing me to use his laptop to go online. It has been all I have to just try to keep up with my bloggy friends... let alone post my own stuff.

That being said, I promise to be a better poster from now on. Especially since the holidays promise to be filled with lots of craziness! Aeddon turns 2 on Tuesday and Owen's parents are coming up for Christmas on the 23rd. By train. So there will be lots going on here for me to tell you about. Maybe even some pictures. My poor camera is feeling neglected. I think I have taken less than 30 pictures total since Alexanders birthday. Unless you count the ones I took of him at his first day of tai kwan do... which I never got around to blogging about. Sorry. I will blog about that after the holidays when he returns to classes. I promise.

I will post again soon. This next week promised to be interesting.
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