Sunday, December 14, 2008

Owen's hat.

My husband has a big head.

Ok. Now that you are done snickering at that comment.... seriously. His head is massive. He can never find a hat that fits over his ears. So I told him I would make him a basic beanie when he asked me to. And I did. It was done back in November, but I just finally got around to taking his picture in it. Here it is:


See? That man's head is massive! The yarn is Doodlebirds Creations BFL in her colorway "Courage". Beth from Doodlebirds is a military spouse too, so I love to support her and buy her yarn. Plus it is really pretty stuff.

Now I am off to go finish the last 2.5 pattern repeats on my Evangeline (Ravelry link) fingerless mittens. I will post pictures of me wearing them as soon as they are done.

That is right! I just said I will post a picture of myself!
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