Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finished Evangelines.... And a picture of my belly.


There you have it ladies and gentlemen! (Not that any guys besides my husband,and even then only him occasionally read my blog at this point)A picture of myself and a finished picture of the Evangelines I was telling you about.

First I think I will talk about me. I am 19 weeks and four days pregnant, according to me and not my doctor. Let me explain that. My doctor is trying to tell me that I got pregnant at the end of July.... but let me tell you something that is WAY TMI! I know when I was and wasnt getting down. At the end of July we were staying in a one room motel room and our kids were on beds that were less than 5 feet from us. Which means that there is no way (excluding immaculate conception)that I got pregnant any time before August 17th, which is when we moved into the house we just moved out of. Since I tested as pregnant on September 15th it means that the latest I could have conceived was September 1st, so the window for me to have gotten preggers is August 17th to the 30th. Now I tested inconclusive on September 1st. Which means that I actually am most likely to have conceived between the 17th and the 20th. IF it was later than that, I would have just tested negative since there wouldnt have been enough pregnancy hormone present to show up at all. Whew. That was a fancy way of saying this: I have been having babies longer than my Ob has been out of Med School. As a matter of fact.... Mikaela has been OUT OF MY BODY longer than he has been out of Med School. So (This is going to sound arrogant) I think I am probably better qualified to calculate when I conceived than he is. Plus I called the OB who delivered my boys and he agrees with me. He said I should be having this baby on or around May 10th. I win. According to my (newbie, therefore wrong!) doctor... I am closer to 23 weeks. Idiot. $5 bucks says I am right about timeline when they do my ultrasound on friday.

Now on to the Evangelines. Aren't they pretty? They have a big old cable on them right up the middle of the front... which I am sure the experienced knitters who read my blog can see... but it doesnt show in photographs because of the varigation of the yarn. The yarn is Doodlebirds Creations BFL in Goth Girl.


I love this pattern, so I altered it only slightly. I added an actual thumb gusset. I assume that this pattern was originally written for someone with smaller hands... cause my big old hands stretched out the cables till they werent pretty anymore. So I added gussets. I think I am gonna make another pair of these at some point in a solid colored yarn, one that will show off the cable better. I havent made up my mind yet. These keep my hands fantastically warm outside though.... and because they are fingerless I can still take pictures and knit in the car!

More knits and silly Bailey fun to come!
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