Friday, February 20, 2009

I knew the day would come someday...

I knew that someday my babies would grow up and go to school. Fundamentally anyways. I just thought/hoped that I had dodged that bullet this year!

See, I don't like preschool. I think that kids only get 5 years out of their whole young lives that they get to just be kids. (I know this is not a popular opinion.... but it is my opinion and my blog.) Well at the beginning of this year Owen and Alexander tried really hard to get Alexander enrolled in Headstart. Unfortunately for them, we got settled to late in the year and all the classes were very full. Alexanders name went on a wait list. In November we got a letter informing us that Headstart was not gonna happen for him! We thought that that meant for the year.

img001 copy

Phew! Dodged that bullet, right?


img002 copy

Yesterday I got a call from the Headstart program. They had two spots in their classroom, and did Alexander still want one of them? I considered not telling Owen that they had called, but with my luck they had probably called his phone and left him a message too.

img003 copy

So Owen called the program back and told them that Yes, we were still interested. We went down to fill out the paperwork. They told us "Alexander can either start tomorrow or Monday. Your choice."

My choice was NOT AT ALL, but nobody was listening to my choice, even when I broke into hysterics and begged Alexander to stop growing immediately!

img004 copy

So today I will be accompanying my baby boy, my first born, to his first day of school ever. I will write a blog all about it when I get home later... you know, sometime after I stop crying hysterically.

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