Wednesday, February 25, 2009

On the bright side.

Owen has been gone all week. He is in Maryland for training. It has been hard to run the whole house by myself. I know some military wives would say that if I think one week is hard, I should try a year deployment! Of course if he was gonna be gone for a whole year I might just move home so that I have some help, so in some ways the week is harder! Plus I am pregnant now, and never will be again so I am having a harder time physically than I would if he were to deploy for a year. Plus we still don't have a fence for the dog, and the only time I can safely take him out for a walk is late at night once the kids are in bed. (Although I did figure out a way to be able to tether him outside for a little while in the morning and afternoon without having to rely on one of those giant screw looking things!)

On top of having to run the house by myself, which is just wiping me out (stupid Fibromyalgia making my life difficult!) I have been having to do all of the driving for getting Alexander to and from school. Which means that I cant take my pain management medication. So I just have to suffer until around 1:30.

Now I know that that sounds like alot of complaining, but there is a bright side to all of this! I have had to get dressed every day! Normally I only bother to get out of my jammies if I have to go out in public. Since I am taking Alexander to school, I have to put on real pants everyday.

How is that a bright side, you might ask? Well I gotta tell you, I had been suffering from the blahs and getting dressed and having a pretty rigid routine is really helping to pull me out of it! I don't have time during the day to sit around a mope and be blah, and in the afternoons I have to keep a schedule so I can get Alexander to bed early enough for him to get the sleep he needs for school.

Also, they do "take home reading" where they send him home with a book and we are supposed to read it to him and log the time spent reading and then send the book back for a new book. Owen and I had fallen behind on reading a book to the kids every night. Now it will be a matter of pride. I know that it is petty, but I wanna be the parents who read to their kids more than the other parents. It is a silly thing to be competitive about, but I figure that it is good for the kids!

BTW: On a completely different topic, Liam is getting crazy wiggly! I have motion sickness almost all the time now! This kid is either going to be a soccer player or an Irish step dancer! Seriously!
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