Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Breast Cancer Awareness Hair

What would you do for a cause that is important to you? How about dye your naturally black hair pink? Cause I did. And bleaching it enough was so hard on my hair that I had to cut it. Short. Like Shoulder length. Which sucked. But I think in the grand scheme of things it was worth it. A couple of Survivors during the Komen Race for the Cure thanked me for being so passionate for the cause. The race was on Sunday February 17th. I didnt race so much as walk.... and I had to ride in a truck for part of it. My knee just gave out. Owen even had to bring the van to me at the end. It was fun though! There was a decent sized group of people from my El Paso Mamas group.


Owen and I discussed it and we think that we are gonna do the Komen race anywhere we get sent as many years as we can. Owen jokes that he cares cause if I got breast cancer it would mutate and kill us all. I think that that is a joke about the size of my breasts.... Oh well. I care cause everytime I have ever had a mammogram they send me to a specialist cause they keep thinking they found a lump. Turns out I just have really big glands and scar tissue. I keep saying these things are more trouble than they are worth! Oh well. Don't get to used to seeing my hair this way. It is gonna be red probably tonight.

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