Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day.

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Sometimes Owen does good..... Like this year for Valentines day. Now first of all let me explain that I do not expect anything for Valentines day except a kiss. There have been years that that was all we could afford. But like most people I do enjoy gifts!..... so when Owen gets me something nice I love it. This year I got two great gifts from Owen.... The first was a flower arrangement.... They are primarily Gerbera Daiseys..... which are my favorite flowers! Then I got my second gift.......


It is a set..... Diamonds set in White Gold! And I love them! I have always wanted a simple Diamond and White Gold heart.... and Owen has always said that he would never buy me one cause he thought that they were tacky! BIG LIAR!!!!!! It turns out that he was just waiting for us to have enough money to spend on non-essentials!

Sometimes I wonder how I can be married to a man that makes me so frusterated.... then he does something that proves to me that he has been paying attention... and I remember that he may make me crazy from time to time.... but I love him like crazy and he loves me too! Not because he spends money on me.... but because he got me something he knew I would love..... even though he thought it was a silly thing to spend that much money on.... (he is not a big fan of jewelry!) I would have been happy if he had hand picked me a Gerbera Daisy..... I am just saying that it is nice to get something nice from someone who loves you sometimes......

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