Thursday, February 21, 2008

Corelle Vintage Lace

Corelle Vintage Lace 2, originally uploaded by jaclynbailey.

Corelle Vintage Lace 1

Ok. I am a dork I know. I took a picture of my dishes.... But I am excited! I have never bought a new set of dishes before. Owens mom gave us a set (they were new) when we moved out of their house.... but Owen and I have never bought a set of our own. I have wanted Corelle dishes for a while now cause I have kids and a klutzy husband..... and I am a total Klutz too! They have always been a someday item. Which might also be sad.... Dishes having to be a someday item.... but they were. Until now! Now I own a set. They were not that expensive either! I got them for $39.00 per set. each set serves 4. So I bought two sets. That was a great price considering that I had to special order them online. The Corelle website wanted $59.00 a set. They were cheaper on and I used site to store.... so I didn't even pay the shipping! So here they are. My new dishes, that I love.!

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