Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kids in a Box!


What is it with kids and cardboard boxes? Put a kid within a foot of a cardboard box and you have a happy kid. You don't need a room full of toys. You don't need Gymboree or Mommy and Me Yoga..... just a cardboard box.

I have always wondered about the facination with boxes that kids seem to have. I don't remember if I was ever "into" playing with them and when I asked my mom if I did she said.... I am sure that you did... all kids do. But I don't really have any memory of playing pretend as a kid. I remember when I was 9 and got in trouble because Barbie and Ken were in the bed together, naked..... I don't remember playing pretend.... but I do remember acting out real life with my dolls.... That was the closest to pretend I remember playing.....

But boy, oh boy..... get my boys near a box..... and they are in a rocket to the moon, or a racecar in the big race.... or even a submarine under the ocean. The possibilities seem to be endless. They seem to have the creative spark.... They are always playing pirate or jedi's or something fun. For now I like it that way.... Some day I will encourage them to take that creativity and put it on paper in one form or another...... but for now..... I will just get them a new empty box.
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