Friday, April 17, 2009

I so totally owe you!

Ok. I promised you all alot of updating... and haven't done any of it. I have been checking things off and adding commentary to my to-do list for the month, but I feel the need to give you more than that!

First Liam's completed blanket:



It turned out huge! I love it though. The tips go from one edge of my queen sized bed to the other side (from side to side not from top to bottom!)


IMG_0031 (2)
The kids all dressed for church.

IMG_0003 (2)
From left to right: Mikaela's Easter Bucket, Alexander's Easter Bucket, Aeddon's Easter Bucket. I never did give them all the eggs in front of the buckets. They are still hiding in a drawer in my bedroom!

IMG_0042 (2)

IMG_0044 (2)

IMG_0045 (2)

Fun with Easter buckets.

Then Owen went to work. That was pretty much the end of Easter for us. No egg hunt, no dyeing Easter eggs. Nada. We even just had Mac'n Cheese for dinner.

My birthday:

Traditionally, my birthday sucks. I don't know why. It just does. I know some will say that that is because I am expecting it to suck and therefore it does. That is just not true. Every year I wake up and hope for the best!

This year was no different really. I was in horrible pain all day. On top of that, Aeddon tried to strangle Mikaela and I had to have Owen come home and help me with the kids cause I just wasn't up to doing it on my own!

On the good side of things, we had a yummy dinner and I had a cake... sort of. It was a tiramisu from the Safeway bakery. It was pretty good too!

IMG_0066 (2)
Owen put 27 candles on it.

IMG_0068 (2)
The kids helped me blow them out.

IMG_0081 (2)
Then we chowed down on tiramisu and vanilla ice cream.

That is all I am gonna pack into this post. I have updated information on Aeddon's evaluation, but I am not really ready to talk about that right now.
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