Sunday, April 26, 2009

A low key Birthday Party.

Yesterday marked 3 days left until the birth of Liam, but it was also my brother Orion's 25th birthday and the day of Mikaela's 2nd birthday party.

Since I know how much he loves this picture:

Orion on Mikaela's rocking horse

This is Orion, Christmas Eve of 2007. Handsome isnt he? He doesnt have a the facial hair anymore, but he looks the same other than that! Happy Birthday baby brother! I love you and cant wait to see you this summer when you come up to visit!

OK. Happy Birthday wishes to my brother are now done.

Now there is not that much to tell you about how Mikaela's birthday party went. Most of our guest list had to cancel at the last minute for one reason or another, so the only people who were there were Owen's ex-girlfriend, Chealsea and a friend of his from high school, Monique, and her 11 month old son, Issac. Oh and of course we were there too!

We started out the festivities by having her open her present from her Gran and Grandad. (Owen's parents)


She loved her new pretty princess dress and wanted to immediately put it on! So of course we let her! Then she opened the card, which she wanted to open all by herself.


She did let Owen read it to her after a minute though.

Then the kids played for a while...

Then we moved on to dinner. It was simple. Since there where only 4 adults and 4 kids, Owen decided not to use the grill and just used my cast iron griddle/grill inside. He made hot dogs for the kids and hamburgers for the adults.


Issac, being as little as he was, ate a pancake we had left over from morning breakfast!


Then the kids played a little more.

Then we decided it was getting kinda late, since Monique still had to drive home to Portland so she could go to work in the morning.... so we brought Mikaela her cupcakes and sang her Happy Birthday.


The cupcakes made her happy, as did the two pink candles....


The Happy Birthday song, on the other hand, made her upset and she kept yelling "NO! NO SONG!" at us and practically burst into tears before we were done singing. Note to self, Mikaela doesnt like to have the Happy Birthday song sung at her.


She also really liked blowing out her candles!


Look how danty she was sucking the frosting off the bottom of the candles!


She took great joy in watching Issac eat his first ever cupcake and kept happily squealing about how "CUTE!!!!" the baby was.


Daddy gave her a bowl of pink (double strawberry) ice cream to go with her pink and purple cupcakes. She couldnt have been happier!

After cupcakes and ice cream, Owen took Monique back to her car (she couldnt get it on post.) and Chealsea played Hungry Hungry Hippo's with the kids.


Thus ended a rather laid back, but well enjoyed birthday celebration.
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